How are the pieces constructed?

Our pieces are made from large dimension lumber which is thicker and wider than industrial made furniture. No veneers are used. We use traditional hand crafted joinery methods and highlight them to show the natural wood beauty and craftsmanship of each piece. Wood to wood connections include box joints, dovetails, sliding dovetails and dowels.

Large dimension lumber typically contains cracks or splits from the drying process. Rather than cutting lumber to eliminate cracks and waste wood we mitigate additional cracking with wood bow ties and biscuits. The cracks or imperfections in the wood are filled with colored wood epoxies and designed as artistic elements of each piece.


Can I choose my epoxy color?

Yes. Our standard colors can be used in any made to order piece. Some current stock pieces may have color options to pick from. Custom colors can also be considered.


How do I care for my piece?  Should I use a standard wood-cleaner?

Furniture Care and Maintenance

The best way to clean is with a water-damp rag. If your surface requires deep cleaning due to grease or grime build-up, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar to your damp rag.

If need deeper cleaning, use General Finishes Orange Oil Polish.

Avoid using oil-soap or silicone-based daily cleaners or dusting sprays. These products and the chemicals in other cleaners can contaminate your finish, preventing adhesion of future finishes. 


Can I see a piece in person?  Where do you sell your furnishings?

Many current pieces can be seen at our studio by appointment. Pieces can be purchased directly from us in person or online. Retail outlets in Colorado are being established and will be posted as they become available.


What exactly is beetle-kill wood?  Is it sturdy and long-lasting?  How will the wood change over time?

The wood we utilize is from the Conifer forests of Colorado. Primarily the trees are Ponderosa, Lodge pole & Limber Pine with some Spruce and Fir possible. The trees have been infested by Mountain Pine Beetles which feed and lay eggs underneath the tree bark. The beetles carry spores of a bluestain fungus on their bodies and introduce them to pine trees. As the fungus develops and spreads through the sapwood, it may interrupt the flow of water to the crown of the tree and the flow of pitch used to push out attacking beetles. The combination of the feeding beetles and the spreading fungus kills the tree within a year.

The structural integrity of the wood is not affected by the beetles if the tree is harvested in a reasonable amount of time. Pine furniture can and has lasted a lifetime or more.

The wood’s natural white, yellow and red colors and the bluestain will patina or darken over time. We topcoat each piece 3-4 times with only the highest quality urethane resin, making them extremely durable and long lasting. The urethane penetrates to provide deep down protection and a “natural” look. Our standard finish is between Satin and Semi-gloss sheen.


Where does most of your wood come from?

Currently all of our wood is handpicked from sources in Grand County, Colorado.